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A Safe & Effective Treatment for Psoriasis & Vitiligo*


Photocil is a safe and effective treatment for psoriasis and vitiligo that is steroid free and does not require you to take medication orally or do weekly injections. What’s more, in clinical trials patients experienced no side effects.*

What is Photocil?

Photocil is a topical cream that provides clinically-proven relief to psoriasis and vitiligo symptoms.

30 Minutes


3 Times


12 Weeks


Photocil cream acts as a barrier to non-therapeutic radiation from the sun when skin is exposed to direct daylight. With this barrier, Photocil cream allows you to access daytime self-treatment from the sun’s therapeutic (beneficial) UV radiation, otherwise known as phototherapy, in a safe and effective manner.

With treatment sessions in direct daylight, Photocil delivers the same benefits of traditional phototherapy with a photo lamp, with more convenient access. Phototherapy has long been an established standard-of-care treatment for psoriasis and vitiligo. Prior to the advent of Photocil cream, phototherapy was only available through a UV photo lamp, most commonly administered at a medical clinic.

A patient's wife came in to my office to thank me for clearing the psoriasis on her husband's hands and face.

-- A Physician Who Prescribes Photocil --

Results with Photocil

Photocil is a safe & viable treatment for psoriasis & vitiligo patients. Photocil provides an effective alternative to the photo booth.

-- Prof. Torello Lotti, MD (Chairman of Dermatology, University of Rome, Italy) --

Ease of Use

Treatment with Photocil is easy. Just follow this simple guide.

Step 1

Check for sunny conditions and plan for shortest session time (close to noon).

Step 2

Apply Photocil liberally to affected areas of skin.

Step 3

Cover non-affected skin with clothing, hat, and SPF 30 sunscreen (or greater).

Step 4

Proceed outside.

Step 5

Call 1-844-4SESSION and follow all prompts to begin treatment session.

Step 6

Expose skin to direct daylight while Photocil Session System keeps track of time.

Step 7

Photocil Session System calls back to end session.

Step 4

Return inside.

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